Accounting and Payroll Administration Diploma

 The Accounting and Payroll Administration program is designed to provide job-oriented training and skills to prepare the students for the workplace environment and equipped with fundamentals principles and practices in a small business and corporate environment. Towards the end of the accounting component of the program, there is an in-house practicum where students will do full-cycle accounting using a simulated company. In addition students will finish all the courses required to be certified as Payroll Compliance Practitioner (PCP).

Accounting Topics PCP Courses
Payroll Compliance Legislation
Payroll Fundamentals 1
Payroll Fundamentals 2

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 The Accounting and Payroll Administration program consists of 52 full time weeks of classroom teaching and in-house practicum. Students will be able to choose between Morning and Evening Shift, whichever suits them better.

 Students will be given a diploma as an education credential for the completion of this course.

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