Programs and Cost
International Student

Course/Program Name Overview/Academic policies Course Duration Study Cost (CA$)
Accounting and Payroll Administration Diploma This program is designed to provide job-oriented training and skills to prepare the students for the workplace environment and equipped with fundamentals principles and practices in a small business and corporate environment. Towards the end of the accounting component of the program, there is an in-house practicum where students will do full-cycle accounting using a simulated company. In addition, students will finish online courses to be certified as Payroll Compliance Practitioner (PCP) by Canadian Payroll Association (CPA) Full time 54 weeks Tuition fees=$17,500
Business Administration Diploma The Business Administration Diploma at East-West College that provides business knowledge, technical, operational, and entrepreneurial skills to perform efficiently and ethically within their specific areas of business in management roles. The total length of program is 54 weeks (1080 hrs). Business Administration Diploma is offered in various flexible class schedules like morning, evening and weekends. Full time 54 weeks Tuition fees=$17,500
Education Assistant The total length of the program is 1080 hours. Education Assistants and graduates are employed by all the school districts throughout Alberta. Education Assistants work in both elementary and secondary schools in a variety of settings, including regular classrooms, resource rooms, work experience sites, and life-skills training. Education Assistants often start on-call basis in the school districts and then apply to both full and part-time positions. Full time 54 weeks Tuition fees=$18,950
Hospitality Business Management Diploma BY taking the Hospitality Business Management Diploma students will learn how to improve the services in a role of hospitality manager by developing strategies that can be applied in hospitality management settings. This program covers: food services and safety, sales and marketing, events management, house keeping operation, business communication, finance and revenue management in hospitality and tourism sectors like hotel, motel, and restaurant. Full time 54 weeks Tuition fees=$18,500
Office Administration Diploma The program aims at providing the students with the skills and training that will allow them to develop an entrepreneurial mindset as well as to prepare them for many entry level management or administrative positions. Even when just starting out, graduates of Office Administration can manage finances, human resources, marketing, operations, information systems and accounting issues. Office Administration program offers a curriculum that is career oriented and market driven. Full time 54 weeks Tuition fees=$17,500
Massage Therapy (RMT) Diploma East-West College will provide hands-on training and support to start your new career as a Registered Massage Therapist (RMT). The courses include Relaxation and Therapeutic Massage techniques along with subject such as Anatomy, Physiology, Pathology, Business and Ethics. Massage Therapy students will be given an added advantage of in-house clinical and outreach clinical practicum under the direct supervision of a skilled RMT. Graduates of the 2245-hour (1st year and 2nd year) Massage Therapy Diploma are eligible to start their career as Registered Massage Therapist (RMT) in massage clinics or may open their own massage clinic. Full time 2 yrs. (2245-hour) Tuition fees=$ 18000 (Yr-1) and $13000 (Yr-2)
Medical Office Assistant The total length of the program is 640- hour. Students can take the courses as full-time, in the morning, afternoon, evening or even on weekends. It is a fast-track program and students can complete the program in 28 weeks including the practicum. The graduates of this program are expected to work in a variety of health care settings. Full time 28 weeks Tuition fees=$11,500
Pharmacy Assistant The total length of the program is 712 hours. Students can take this course as full-time, in the morning or evening shift. Students can complete the program in 32 weeks. The graduates of this program are expected to work in a variety of health care settings. Full time 32 weeks Tuition fees=$13,500
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