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Angela Micah Bandillo

Medical Office Assistant
Pioneer Batch (March 2018-July 2018)

East-West College is my first stepping stone for my career advancement & education upgrade. I know from the start that I made the right choice for choosing EWC. From the beginning to on-the-job training till I finish my course they always bringing out the best in me. Honestly speaking, there's no like EWC here in Calgary! They always provide what's the best for students. Even free breakfast, lunch or dinner most of the times and a whole lot of foods, it feels like there's always a feast in school! Everyone is smiling, friendly, approachable & very loving environment. I have lots of precious memories here like, celebrating my birthday with surprises from the school, being student of the month, being top in the class for academic excellence & the family & friendship I made with everyone in this School was priceless! I'll be forever grateful to East-West College for landing a job right after my on-the-job training! So blessed to be part of this school. Thumbs up to the management, admins, teachers & all staffs for their unending support, care & help. All the best!

Teresa Abucejo

Office Administration
Pioneer Batch (Feb. 2018 – Feb. 2019)

I am a proud student of East-West College I am aiming not only for the certificate but the learning and knowledge that I can benefit from all the instructors...It will definitely useful and relevant these learning to my chosen field. The instructors are very knowledgeable and staff are very professional and approachable. I will surely recommend East-West College to anyone who are willing to pursue their career. Thank you so much to Sir Arif Chowdhury, Sir Ahmed Wakaar Raja and Sir Dewan Osman Gani for all your guidance and help.” MORE POWER TO EAST-WEST COLLEGE!

Medelyn Perez

Medical Office Assistant
Fourth Batch (July 2018 –Feb. 2019)

Regarding my experience at East-West College, I have found a solid education and the opportunity to grow in terms of my knowledge. I have learned to become more socially and academically involved. I enjoy working with the people who surround me, whom I can take advice and learn from. As a mother I have found the perfect college to allow me to fulfill my responsibilities to my children as well as complete my education.

Mariknoll Ulit

Office Administration
Pioneer Batch (Feb. 2018-Feb. 2019)

Whether your interests are professional growth or personal enrichment, East-West College is finally here to make connections between learning and life. With the great help of its administration headed by the President and CEO: Sir Dewan Osman Gani, Md Ali Ashraf Lasker, Md Arif Chowdhury, our great and awesome instructor Sir Ahmed Wakaar Raja and the rest of the faculty and lovely staffs, we all can make it!

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